NAPA® Fleet™ Brake Pads

Hardworking Brakes for Hardworking People                                                    

NAPA® Fleet™ disc brake pads fleet formulations provide extra-long life, supreme thermal conductivity and performance in high heat situations. Keeping your fleet on the road and out of the shop is your job and our business.

Features and Benefits

  • Extended Life
  • Consistent Performance
  • Extra Stopping Power
  • Quiet Formulations
  • Hardware in 98%+ of Sales
  • Limited Warranty


NAPA® Fleet™ rotors are engineered with a special high-mass metallurgy that adds tensile strength, dissipates heat quickly and enables the rotor to mate/be tuned to the friction. Industrial leading coverage for all current police platforms, emergency service, commercial/recreational and fleet/municipality applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Perfectly balanced rotors for demanding situations
  • Industry-leading pad-to-rotor bedding
  • Carbon+ technology for improved cooling and noise abatement
  • Available for common Fleet and Emergency Service vehicles
  • The Best choice for your Fleet or Emergency vehicle
  • Noise-free operation