Brake hardware is an integral part of a brake system. Neglecting to replace it when replacing brake pads or shoes could lead to premature wear, noise and costly comebacks. Don’t let the cost of a few pieces of hardware compromise the performance of the brake system.

  • Selected caliper abutment clips come with Quiet Clip technology
  • Manufactured to meet original equipment fit, form and function
  • 99% coverage for all disc brake pads and shoes…with full platform coverage from front to rear
  • Limited Lifetime warranty


NAPA® Brakes hardware tray assortments are available in durable plastic trays with wrap around side labels for easy identification. From import to domestic, we have the hardware tray assortment you need.

  • Bleeder screws
  • Banjo bolts/copper gaskets
  • Caliper bracket mounting bolts
  • Disc brake anti-rattle clips




A quick and easy way to improve braking performance. Drag reduction clips apply pressure on each of the pads to keep them from contacting the rotor when not in use. The pressure is light enough that it has no effect on the braking system when the brakes are applied.

New drag reduction clips are easy to install making them an excellent addition to The Perfect Brake Job®. Watch the How-to videos at to learn more.

  • Keeps brakes cooler
  • Reduces brake noise
  • Extends pad life
  • Increases gas mileage
  • Enhances vehicle performance
  • Coverage for the most popular 1993 and newer applications.


NAPA Brakes electronic brake wear sensors have the same fit, form and function as OE, and are available for Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Corvette ZR1, Dodge Crossfire, Dodge Van, Jaguar, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Mini Cooper, Porsche, Range Rover, and Volkswagen. Many applications were previously only available at the dealership.

  • OE Matched grommet positions for accurate fit
  • OE Matched cable length for ease of installation
  • Corrosion-resistant sheathing for long life
  • Weather Pack connectors for ultimate protection against the elements (where applicable)


Low-frequency dampers from NAPA Brakes help to eliminate brake noise from rear calipers. The low-frequency “moans”, “groans”, or “squeals” common to certain applications, may not be completely suppressed with the typical high-frequency solutions like brake grease, pad shims, or brake hardware.

For these applications, NAPA has introduced low frequency-dampers with new technology that’s now available to the brake Aftermarket. They incorporate a unique sound and energy absorbing compound that is scientifically ‘tuned’ to the frequency found on the applications shown and have been proven to help reduce low-frequency brake noise.

Low-frequency dampers are easy to install and are an excellent addition to The Perfect Brake Job®.

Each NAPA Brakes Low-Frequency Damper service kit includes:

  • New low-frequency damper
  • New caliper guide pin lock bolt
  • Instruction sheet

Coverage for 2004 and newer platforms.