NAPA® Brakes Premium™ New Master Cylinders are designed for customers looking for a premium replacement part. They meet or exceed OE specifications in form, fit and function. Coverage through the current model year with comprehensive domestic and import applications.

Limited Lifetime warranty


NAPA® Proformer™ remanufactured master cylinders are perfect for cost-sensitive customers, for environmentally conscious customers or for someone looking for a hard-to-find unit that may not be available new. Coverage for vehicles from 1933 to current year, Ford to forklift and many other automotive and non-automotive applications.

Three-year/36,000 mile warranty

Wheel Cylinders

Whether they are made from aluminum or cast iron, use internal or external boots, NAPA® Brakes wheel cylinders are assembled with the highest quality components and tested and validated to SAE standards to consistently match OE for precise performance. Expansive coverage for domestic and import applications.

Leaky wheel cylinders may allow a complete loss of hydraulic pressure in the affected brake circuit. This can lead to brake failure. If a wheel cylinder is leaking fluid, it should be repaired or replaced immediately. Replacement may also be necessary if the bleeder screw is frozen or broken off.

Limited Lifetime warranty

Power Brake Boosters

NAPA® Brakes power brake boosters provide full line coverage and every unit meets or exceeds OE fit, form and function. With Hydro-Vac coverage from 1945 and vacuum boosters from 1961 to current model year applications, the NAPA® brake booster program is the most complete program in the Aftermarket.