NAPA® Premium™ Disc Brake Rotors

NAPA® Premium™ Disc Brake Rotors

Same Great Product With Continuous Improvements

The NAPA® Brakes line of Premium™ rotors provide the comprehensive coverage you need and the OE quality you expect. These hard-working rotors help drivers maintain a safe, reliable brake system performing at optimal levels throughout their life cycle. 

We recently introduced new features to the Premium™ rotor line for 2012 and newer applications, including: 

  • Graphite Guard on the hat and plate edges
  • Phosphate finish
  • Upgraded packaging

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

All NAPA® Brakes Premium™ Rotors feature: 

  • Consistent with OE in heat dissipation, stopping distance, brake fade, rotor and friction wear and noise suppression
  • OE-matched air gap, plate thickness and vane configuration
  • CNC mill-balanced for optimal weight distribution and consistent performance
  • Non-directional finish removes peaks and directional lines
  • Manufactured to SAE G3000 standard and machined to the tightest tolerances
  • 12 month/12,000 mile warranty

2010 and newer applications now include: 

  • Graphite guard: Provides corrosion protection to critical areas of the outside of the rotor hat and plate edges. Graphite Guard is robotically applied and tests to withstand 120 hours of salt spray exposure. 
  • Phosphate Finish: Allows for better adhesion of the Graphite Guard and produces an attractive appearance on the disc plate surface. 
  • Upgraded packaging


NAPA Brakes has an extensive line of Premium™ rotors for passenger cars and light trucks, from vintage to hybrid.

Import Coverage

Import Coverage

From Acura to Volvo, at NAPA® Brakes, We’ve Got You Covered

Competitively priced and available for 107 million import vehicles in prime replacement range. Our global manufacturing experience makes platform crossover coverage available between domestic and import while providing reliable performance and expanding coverage. Look for the color bands and IMPORT icon on the label for part numbers that fit 100% import applications.