Ultra Premium

NAPA® Ultra Premium™ 100% Polymer Coated Rotors

The specially formulated polymer coating is applied to the entire rotor so vanes and edges stay cleaner longer, optimizing airflow and performance. Special polymer coating also keeps rust from forming along the outer edges of the pad swept area to prevent edge-lift.


Features and Benefits

  • 100% Polymer Coated – Robotically applied to cover all rotor surfaces
    • Complete Protection – Many of today’s vehicles’ open-wheel designs leave the rotor fully exposed to road salts/sprays and humidity. The 100% polymer coating keeps vanes and edges cleaner longer to optimize airflow and overall performance.
  • Corrosion Resistant – Tested to withstand the harshest environmental elements.
    • Tested To Last – NAPA® Brakes Ultra Premium™ 100% Polymer Coated Rotors exceed the 300+ hour accelerated salt spray corrosion resistance test, which keeps them looking and performing better, longer. ECE Reg 90 tested, per European mandated standards, when specified.
  • Certified Safe – Endures stringent validation for both metallurgy and performance.
    • OE Matched Fit, Form & Function
      • CNC turned finish for better pad-to-rotor contact
      • Best vehicle specific metallurgy (VSM)
      • .002 Lateral run-out limit for consistently quiet performance
  • Limited Lifetime warranty

Real World Proof

These rotors were completely submerged in 10 feet of water for several days during Tropical Storm Lee when the Susquehanna River overflowed its banks. When the water subsided, the uncoated rotors were covered in a layer of rust. The coated rotors were unaffected.

These rotors sat for three months in wet, moldy boxes at an NTB after Hurricane Harvey flooded the Houston area. This shows the difference between a coated and uncoated rotor. A picture is worth 1k words!


Available for newer passenger cars and trucks operating in extreme climates. NAPA® Ultra Premium™ 100% Polymer Coated Rotors endure demanding environmental conditions, severe temperatures and high humidity.