Technical Bulletins

NAPA Brakes offers technical bulletins that cover various brake conditions that are known to occur in vehicles.  These bulletins can help you troubleshoot a problem when a vehicle is in your shop and help you find a solution.

In each technical bulletin, you will find the following information:

  • Subject line
  • Vehicle(s) Involved
  • Condition
  • Repair Procedure

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Premature brake wear, dragging brakes, overheating brakes, noise

Internal Brake Hose Issue

Intermittent Brake Pull

Caliper and hose replacement does not cure brake pull

ABS light on or false ABS activation after wheel bearing hub replacement

Vehicle had wheel bearing hub replaced on one side

ABS Light On. Possible ABS Code C1440

Intermittent ABS Light on with no pattern

Grooving on inboard rotor surface with severe discoloration and possible rotor hat separation on rear disc brakes

Improperly installed rear caliper bracket bolts may cause bolt to contact inside the rotor surface. This will create a groove just above the center of the rotor and may cause extreme overheating (Fig. 5 and 6) with the potential for rotor hat separation.

Brake Pedal Pulsation 2-4,000 miles after brake service

Rotor Run-out specs not followed

Electrical Circuit Repairs and Replacing Components

High Resistance, Opens and Shorts. Possible False ABS Activation

Checking Rotor Run-out Correctly

Not using all lug nuts may cause false run-out readings